All our products are made with care and respecting the environment.

Natural Materials

And zero-plastic.

100% of the cotton in our products is certified organic (by GOTS or OCS), grown without pesticides, GMOs or chemical fertilisers. Other raw materials are also highly ranked on the “susta­ina­bility scale”: recycled polyester, Modal®, Tencel®, linen, and more. You can check the composition of each product in the product description.

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And zero-waste.

Our suppliers are known for respecting the environment, following strict ecological policies and implementing respecful manufacturing techniques in their processes. Products are made in real time after they are ordered to avoid waste, using printing techniques which use non-harmful inks and sustainable production methods.

Plastic-free packaging

And Earth-positive.

The packaging used to ship all orders is 100% plastic-free. In addition to this, our supplier offsets its Carbon Footprint by funding the planting of trees in the North West of England.

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