'Great Art is both surprising and inevitable.’

Elizabeth Gilbert

A little about me

Someone once asked me what I thought passion was in its essence. After a few seconds, I replied ‘passion is a love for something that is continually unfolding’.

Ever since I was a young boy I had a passion for music. It started with a love of listening to music and then, in my teens, turned into a love of making music. For me, music is a kind of magic.

It is the universal language of the world as it speaks in feeling. It doesn’t matter who you are or what language you speak, a song has the power to change your mood, inspire you, conjure memories and help you find healing.

My journey with music has not always been an easy one. It started with me as a child, running away from my guitar teacher so often that he actually stopped coming. Only to pick up a guitar of my own accord again, at the age of 17, and find myself falling in love with it. For the last couple of decades, that relationship has had its ups and downs. Times of deep frustration and others of pure joy. I remember watching musicians throughout my twenties and although I loved what they did, a part of me always died inside. Like the flames of my passion were being slowly doused in the realisation that I wasn’t fully pursuing my dream.

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There are a few moments to me that mark turning points in my journey as a musician. One in particular was when I was sitting at home watching a documentary about an artist. As I sat there with my wife and sister-in-law I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of distress, so much so, that I literally burst into tears. It was in this moment that I realised I had found what I had been needing to set me on the right course. Something shifted inside and I made a decision to never again allow myself to be frustrated with music. I realised that my frustration was actually a burning desire and passion with nowhere to go.

I went out to my studio and immediately channeled that energy into a source of fuel to hone my skills and find my voice. Frustration has now become one of my biggest allies. It is the impetus which helps drive me forwards toward my dream.

Frustration can be an incredibly positive energy if channelled in the right way. Ever since that moment I have never again been frustrated with music, just grateful to be doing what I love and exploring my passion to create, collaborate and motivate.