Seasons Change EP

Someone once asked me what I thought passion was in its essence. After a few seconds, I replied ‘passion is a love for something that is continually unfolding'.
My journey with music has not always been an easy one. It started with me as a child, running away from my guitar teacher so often that he actually stopped coming. Only to pick up a guitar of my own accord again, at the age of 17, and find myself falling in love with it.
For the last couple of decades, that relationship has had its ups and downs, until something shifted inside. My passion took over and drove me to channel the frustration I felt for not pursuing my dreams into action
Somewhere in that process when realising my granny was nearing the end of her life  ‘Colours Fade’ was born. She sadly passed away from Covid, and having written this song after the last time I saw her I thought it only right for it to be the first public release of my music. It became the first song of my debut EP Seasons Change and my hope was that people would find some catharsis in it during these really tough times and help them reflect on loved ones they may have lost.
My granny always encouraged my family to live life to its fullest and just get on and do and share what we love, so when she passed it only felt right to pay tribute to her in this way.
My ambition with my music is to put my whole heart and soul into sharing my experiences and insights of life in a way that gives others the licence to feel their own. I truly believe that if more people are their authentic selves, just say it how it is and look for the best in every situation it will make the world a better place.
This EP has taken me through the most beautiful journey, discovering and unfolding new skills, and meeting amazing creatives that have helped me translate years of personal growth and deepening self-love into heart songs that will always pay tribute to the human experience.
Just like seasons change, we as humans do as well, and in the same way not all areas of the world experience the same seasons at the same time, neither do we! Even in the space of one day our emotions can take us from winter to summer and back again.
After years of not giving my passion the time it deserves, I am so grateful to be doing what I love and exploring my passion to create, collaborate and motivate.
I hope ‘Seasons Change’ serves as a reminder for all of us to accept the ups and downs we experience and enjoy the unique journey that is our life, accepting where we come from and the possibilities of where we can go. Striving for a better future and a kinder world together.