Let It Bruise

'Let It Bruise' was born while doing a writing session with one of my producers, Richard Craker, where we sat down to jam and started to talk about mental health.
We discussed how so many people are going through life struggling in silence and how important it is for us all to just feel our feelings.
My belief is that our emotions are like a bruise, if we keep putting a lid on and prodding them, they’ll just keep flaring up and building up, so our job is to allow the space for our emotional bruises to be felt and therefore heal.
The faster we allow ourselves to acknowledge our tender feelings and just let them be, the sooner they pass.
So 'Let It Bruise' is a song to help us honour our feelings and remind us that it’s ok to feel vulnerable. That the sooner that we allow ourselves to feel tender with whatever is going on in our lives, the sooner it passes.
The narrative also acknowledges that we can’t solve other people’s problems for them but we can be there for them.
My hope is that for those out there in need of some support, 'Let It Bruise' will give them the confidence to feel what they need to feel and remind them that they don’t have to go through their struggles alone.
Because we as humans, were never designed to in the first place ❤️